Embedded Systems and the trend in Aerospace

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In simple terms, an Embedded System is “a digital system in which a chunk of software gets embedded/pre-loaded into a hardware chip or a set of chips”. The rapid research and development in hardware not only significantly reduced the size, weight, and the cost of the hardware, but also substantially increased its reliability, and usability. These advances enabled rapid adoption of embedded systems in aerospace segment.

Embedded systems are playing a vital role in the avionics segment of aerospace engineering. While mechanical aspects of aerospace segment deal with flight dynamics and aerodynamics of flying, its embedded counterpart handles avionics – navigation, path control, and communication aspects during the flight. Navigation is the determination of the position and direction of the moving object on are above the earth’s surface. Path control system ensures a stable trajectory that ensures minimum or zero difference between the intended path and the actual path. Communication systems consist of multiple units – the onboard dashboards and display units, and the bi-directional communication between onboard computers and remote computers.

All the major militaries and aviation companies across the globe are outsourcing their navigation, power systems, control electronics, telemetry, and other avionics’ sub-systems to their partnering companies. While encouraging the outsourcing, they are aggressively pushing the avionics segment to improve interoperability, provide vendor natural solutions, and increase innovation. Integrated Modular Avionics (DO-297) framework is contributing a lot to achieve these objectives. This framework actively supports the developers, integrators, and certifying agencies to adopt to FACE™ (Future Airborne Capability Environment), Edition 2.0 and Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) in Avionics.

All the embedded systems companies that deal with the Aerospace industry should be aware of this Integrated Modular Avionics trend to survive and grow. If your organization is dealing with the flight deck, navigation, safety, simulation, and modeling sub-systems – get ready for this critical aspect DO0297. It means, getting ready for MOSA and FACE™ in Avionics.

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