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How to Build a Microsite

The AWS Competency, MSP, Service Ready and Service Delivery Programs provide a critical differentiation mechanism for the AWS Partners, to help customers find highly specialized and technically verified experts on AWS. As part of this differentiation, we require our AWS Partners to build an AWS microsite, detailing AWS Partner’s specialized solutions or consulting practices on AWS. This microsite is a place for our AWS Partners to describe their AWS practice or product, including details around their relationship with the AWS Partner Network, customer success stories, specific solution or consulting services description, AWS Services leveraged and why, use cases, customer testimonials, links to case studies, and any other relevant information supporting the AWS Partner’s expertise and partnership with AWS. This content, specific to one AWS practice, product or solution suite, provides customers with confidence about AWS Partner’s capabilities and experience on a single page with details to make an informed decision. We encourage our AWS Partners to view this requirement as an opportunity to highlight their experience, expertise, and deep specialization on AWS Cloud in a specific solution areas or industry segments.

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