Healthcare Solutions

We offer the following solutions to our healthcare customers –

  • System Integration and Implementation services
  • Health IT systems Transformation – Legacy systems Modernization – data transformation and porting
  • Infrastructure Management Services – onsite / offsite support services
  • Development & Maintenance services for Custom IT Applications
  • Consulting & support for Cloud and Emerging technologies
  • Testing, Verification, and Validation services

Unical team has the expertise in healthcare domain in the following areas –

  • EHR System for Doctors’ offices
  • Hospital Information System
  • Accountable Care Organization Solutions
  • Clinical Quality Measures
  • Patient Portals and Patient Health Apps
  • Referral Management and Health Information Exchanges
  • Clinical Data Registries and Reporting

Electronic Health Records Systems (EHR) for Physicians

Our team worked on development, maintenance, and enhancements of cost-effective HER solutions for physician practices and health care facilities. The built solutions help the providers with –

  • To maintain and share the Protected Health Records
  • Electronic prescribing using Surescript network
  • Computerized provider order entry for Lab and Radiology Orders
  • Clinical Decision Support Engine
  • Patient Records Access through patient portal and patient app
  • Care Coordination and Chronicity classification

The solutions on which the team worked help the health care providers to standardize and improve the quality of their patient care, as well as meet the requirements of certifying agencies such as NCQA, Joint Commission and URAC.

The in-built Healthcare Quality Reporting & Management system (HQRMS) offers easy-to-use auditing and reporting tools which regularly and aggregate automatically recorded data for all of the required standard practices to assist providers in identifying areas where improvement is needed and in applying for Medical Home certification.

Hospital Information System (HIS) for small and medium size Hospitals

While working with various clients on Hospital Information System, the Unical team gained substantial experience in the following modules and the corresponding features of HIS –

Appointments & Scheduling

  • Appointments booking through app, website, or phone / Email
  • Configurable appointment slots / consultation fee
  • Automated / manual reminders

Out-patient care

  • Queue Management
  • Medical Assistant notes
  • Doctor’s clinical notes
  • Order Investigations
  • Share Health records

Lab & Radiology

  • Order diagnostics from doctor’s / department work bench
  • Lab and Radiology Investigation
  • PACS Integration
  • Radiologist remote consulting


  • Drugs indent by Nurse / Doctor
  • Handling drug returns
  • Option to add to IP bill

In-patient care

  • Doctor’s work bench / daily case sheets / Doctor ‘ward rounds’
  • Nursing station, drugs request/return, diagnostics order / results view, Itemized billing, Discharge summary
  • View lab & Radiology results

Referral & e-Consultation

  • Send, receive, and track referrals
  • Specialist / department specific tele consultation services

Administration & Others

  • User and Role management
  • EMO configurable parameters
  • Online and offline payment
  • Remote payment options
  • Detailed and consolidated billing
  • Insurance payments tracking
  • Patient portal access management
  • Medical camps, promotions reach-out

ACO Solutions

Our team worked on the concept and reporting engine for Accountable Care Organization solution. The metrics and reporting engine enables providers to focus on ACO compliance measures such as ACO governance structure, patient-centered care, care management, care coordination, performance reporting, population health management, etc.

The ACO metrics and reporting engine on which Unical team worked covers the following segments –

  • ACO Program structure: Governance, Decision support, and Payment arrangements
  • Patient-centered care: Care & medication management, Self-support tools and alerts
  • Care coordination: Coordinating information, Health Information exchange, Clinical document architecture
  • Performance reporting: ACO metrics and alerts including population health management

Clinical Quality Measures Expertise

Our team has the expertise on –

  • Meaningful Use Stage 1, 2, and 3 metrics
  • Physician Quality Reporting System
  • HEDIS performance measures
    • Effectiveness of Care
    • Access/Availability of Care
    • Experience of Care
    • Utilization and Risk Adjusted Utilization
    • Health Plan Descriptive Information
    • Measures Collected Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems

Patient Portal and Patient Health apps

These solutions mainly help patients to interact and communicate online with their healthcare providers and care team.

The user-friendly design of the solutions help in improving utilization management, case management, and disease management aspects of Care Management. The web and mobile apps enable patients to communicate electronically with their provider, access their medical records, schedule appointments, request refills and clinical advise, and pay bills online. In addition, these help providers to communicate and engage patients as per NEHC’s Patient Engagement Framework.

Referral Management and Health Information Exchanges

Our team extensively worked on Transition of care and protected health information exchange solutions using ‘Direct Project’ encryption and Clinical Document Architecture for Clinical Summaries. These systems help with care coordination, continuity of care, and disease management aspects of care management. These solutions also enable desired physician practices, hospitals and other health care facilities to connect with each other through a secure HIPAA-compliant physician network and to collectively offer patient-centric services, including care coordination, continuity of care, patient education, and more.

These solutions offer standard HL7 interface solutions and can also develop and establish custom solutions. These solutions provide an open and easy way to integrate multi-vendor applications for seamless health information exchange between providers, payers and other healthcare entities with appropriate API calls.

Clinical Data Registries and Reporting

The registries on which our team worked help physicians, ACO organizations, and other facilities to capture and report the quality metrics. The Registries enable the providers to track population behavior patterns and to plan effective disease management. These Registries also help in improving and monitoring the quality of health care. The built-in data abstraction framework and query management facilities of the registries improve record management, metrics reconciliation and external reporting to government registries and agencies

Unical offers a gamut

We help you augment your Engineering team with our well-experienced developers and testers. Unical personnel is specialized in safety-critical and mission-critical test and verification services that meet the challenges of today’s multi-system and multi-technology complexities.


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