We can provide the following services to our automotive customers –

  • Onsite/Offsite Testing, Verification, and Validation services
  • Model based Software development and testing assignments
  • Applications Support, Maintenance and Enhancement services

Unical team has the expertise in the following Electronic Systems of –

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Active Stability and Control Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Our team is working is working in Model Based Software Development and Testing of  – (i) collision avoidance systems; (ii) lane departure warning systems; (iii) emergency breaking systems.

Active Stability and Control Systems

We got the insightful experience in latest traffic congestion solutions by working with industry bigwigs.  We worked on requirements analysis, model enhancements, model-in-line testing assignments of     – (i) yaw stability control  system; (ii) roll over stability control system;  (iii) active torque distribution control system.

Unical offers a gamut

We help you augment your Engineering team with our well-experienced developers and testers. Unical personnel is specialized in safety-critical and mission-critical test and verification services that meet the challenges of today’s multi-system and multi-technology complexities.


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