Hardware Engineering

Design of single side and double sided PCBs for Analog, digital or mixed-signal boards from basic circuits to complex systems. Our domain expertise inboard design is in the areas of signal processing, communication, and control systems.

We have the expertise in simulating and analyzing the circuit designs (including digital controls based on microcontrollers)   for stability, signal quality, dynamic performance, and error handling conditions.

We have expertise in simulating and analyzing the circuits using –

MATLAB, Simulink
Easy EDA
Part SIM

With our 10+ years’ experience in Aerospace and Defence, we can design and build custom test systems, jigs, interfaces, and complete test units

Our expertise with Functional Test Equipment –

LRU level listing and classification of input and output signals
Classification of the signals based on characters – Analog / Digital / Power / Input / Output
Signal analysis – S/N and Environment specific
Selection of I/O cards, instruments, and design of overall architecture including the physical layout of the test jigs – routing, cabling, and connectors