Staffing Services

Sourcing the right talent for any organization is a challenge as is retaining that talent in the dynamics of business. Our talent identification, sourcing, and acquisition teams work as an extended arm of your talent acquisition team and provide the additional bandwidth for efficient and effective searching, shortlist, and scheduling functions of recruitment. Our teams have the capability to fulfill technical, non-technical, management, and executive requirements.

Strong Recruitment Team

A strong team that includes technical recruiters with large scale staffing experience. Access to all sources of Recruitment Supply Chain.

Stringent Selection Process

We focus on 'STAR' framework for candidate evaluation with respect to the right fitment with the job. Our experienced technical leaders are well-versed in giving you the best possible candidates.

Versatile Database

We have a multi-pronged approach to get the right candidate for the right job with a well-blended in-house database, targeted relationships, professional networking, internal referrals, of course, the TA portals' subscription.

Background Verification

BGC for the candidates
including employment check, education check, gap check & criminal check if necessary.

Temporary/Contract staffing is a lever to fill special skills and/or short-term project needs. Unical’s contract staffing division has been created with the sole objective of meeting these needs of our clients. We work with the business to analyze the skill gaps and understand budgets to ensure that we are helping the business meet its goals at the right cost. Our database of niche skills and a network within the contracting community enables us to rapidly respond to a change in need and plug it resulting in the least disruption to deliveries.

Web & Open Stack

web open stack

Microsoft Stack

microsoft stack

Real-time & Embedded Stack

real time stack

Microsoft Stack