Testing & Quality Engineering

Medical Devices / Software as Medical Device Testing

SaMD PHI data verification (results and data)
SaMD Core Engine verification(algorithms, and workflow)
SaMD Output verification (Output results verification with reference to Reference)

Automotive Software Testing

Unit testing as per ISO 26262 criteria
Static and Dynamic analysis as per internal / custom requirements

We take-up the below Independent / third-party testing services –

End-to end system testing – including static and dynamic analysis

Functional testing

Compatibility / System Upgrade testing

Pre-release testing

Usability / User-experience testing

Model-based Testing Services
Model design, enhancement, code generation
Model in loop testing
Software in loop testing
Data correlation and analysis

FPGA Testing
Testing of Commercial FPGAs – Xilinx, and Atmel
Small logic algorithms – PLBs and IOBs
Large logic functions – Memory and DSps testing

System Integration testing
Independent LRUs verification and testing
Compatibility and Interface testing
System failure modes and communication testing

Platform migration testing services
Operating system migration testing
Cloud migration testing
Database migration testing

Firmware upgrade testing
Hardware and firmware upgrade testing
Built Software and used tools upgrade testing
OS or environment upgrade testing
Chipset upgrade testing

Security Testing Services

Complete web application testing as per OWASP guidelines
Static and dynamic analysis for web, mobile, and embedded applications
API security and vulnerability testing for web & mobile applications
Penetration testing by simulating malicious user actions
Compliance specific or installation-specific security


Performance Testing Services

Openstack web apps performance improvement consultation
Load testing
Stress testing
Volume and scalability testing
Functional testing, Device compatibility testing

Functional testing – test cases, test data, and test reports
Browser / device compatibility testing
Testing as per W3C and WS-I standards
Usability testing
Web & Mobile testing automation