Auto ICD Generator

Avionics sub-systems are one of the most complex sub-systems that need to fulfil stringent safety critical requirements.   Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) is helping the small and big players in the Avionics industry to work together on these sub-systems either to leverage unprecedented upgrade in technology or to meet ever-upgrading safety regulations.  However, IMA can be successful only if the interface specifications between the sub-systems are well-defined.   Manual creation of Interface Control Document (ICD) and manual verification and validation of ICD are the two big challenges that Aerospace industry is facing while designing or enhancing a sub-system.

Unical’s Auto-ICD solution is designed specifically to address these two problems related to ICD.  Auto-ICD helps the Engineers and Scientists in analyzing, monitoring, and modifying the data and data interface channels while designing a sub-system.  After finalizing the design, the system helps the users to generate, print, and web-publish the Interface Control Document (ICD).

Key functional blocks of Auto-ICD are:

  • ICD Configuration – To set various messages and parameters for each interface channel
  • Data Correlator – To set the data sources, thresholds, and outliers that need to be analyzed
  • Plot & Publish –  To plot 2D and 3D plot, to generate ICD PDF, and to publish as HTML page