Battery Management System

Unical Battery Management System (U-BMS) is agnostically designed to suite wide-range of requirements – battery pack configuration, charge/discharge cycle requirements, environment or size restrictions.  This easily adaptable and customizable solution is built based on high-performance Atmel’s Atmega 16 microcontroller.

The modular approach of this system enables us to quickly deliver a custom Battery Management System to our customers.  While designing the system, our experts extensively focused on wide-range of requirements in this segment such as:


(i) various types of battery-packs, (ii) operating environment constraints, (iii) efficient & faster charging requirements, (iv) trickle-charge requirements and more.

Key Features

  • Charging Optimizer: This is based on USB fast charge protocol to efficiently charge the battery bank.
  • Discharge Monitor: This is PWM based constant current limit approach to provide dynamic ‘switching’.
  • Core Controller: This handles the state of the charge and state of the health of the overall system