Unical Test Orchestrator

Unical test orchestrator (UTO) helps the testing team to automate testing tasks in a certain order and execute one after the other based on the configuration settings in the UTO control panel. UTO orchestrator saves substantial testing efforts for the team, particularly for safety-critical testing such as DO-178 B, DO-330,  or ISO 26262 testing.

UTO extracts the details of unit and system integration functions – parameters, inputs & outputs, variable types, usages, and system calls. After that, UTO generates an instrumentation program/test harness for functions under test that can be executed in the host or target environment which will eliminate the manual scripting. UTO automatically generates stubs for functions, methods, and system calls that can allow test harness created to build and execute the test cases.


Key Features

  • Reduce or eliminate testing efforts: Scheduled tasks that can be easily customized for each unit substantially reduces the manual efforts.
  • Automated reports: UTO automatically generates scheduled test reports.  This eliminates the operator’s efforts to manually capture the results/screenshots.