Unical RT Suite

Application software for Hard Real Time Embedded systems is complex, involving a multitude of parameters and has to deliver performance in hard real-time. However, analysis of the monitored data is often done offline decoding and analysis of data for identification of fault detection. The Usage of Electronic components in place mechanical in Automotive and Avionics leads to the increase of usage of different kind of interfaces and protocols. Hence to test the performance of this kind system will require test environment with software which is taking equal amount of time and cost. Hence to reduce the efforts and cost for testbeds development we generated a platform unique Data analysis suite for Avionics and Automotive industry.


Key Features

Interface / Protocol Configure Module: In this module we need to configure the hardware drivers of interface card as per project requirements and then for that configured environment we have set the project configuration details (like messages, words and bits formats etc) to generate decode functions. In this module we have features like open / save/ reconfigure of interface protocol details. We also generating interface requirements document based on your configuration details in PDF using existing format or customized format template of document.
Display Module: In this module we have to set the graphical analysis requirements and boundary conditions validation requirements and critical data display requirements using configured interface details. Here we are providing 2D and 3D analysis graphical display which is equivalent to matlab plots.
Data Capture, decode and online monitoring: This module is used to perform the decoding activity on the raw data, Based on the type of parameter and its underlying Interface structure.
The decode functions must vary from requirements to requirements. Every 10ms we are updating the captured data in real time environment.