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A Reliable Approach to Cloud Excellence

Recognizing the distinct needs and objectives of each organization in their cloud journey, ClearScale offers a tailored approach. Whether it’s a lift-and-shift migration, complete re-architecture, partial modernization, or ongoing optimization, our process is crafted to deliver customized, efficient, and secure cloud solutions aligned with your specific business requirements.

Our dedicated team of cloud computing experts follows a proven approach, emphasizing the Agile framework, collaboration, and flexibility. We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud and optimal outcomes for your organization.

A Step-by-Step Cloud Journey

Step 1: Assess

Our approach initiates by evaluating your organization’s requirements and delineating the business rationale for transitioning to the cloud. Through close collaboration with your team, we delve into your objectives, specifications, and current infrastructure, allowing us to discern the optimal cloud strategy tailored to your organization.

Step 2: Mobilize

Following the assessment, we mobilize your cloud project by breaking it down into three core stages:


We collect in-depth data about your organization's applications, data, and systems to form a thorough understanding of your distinct requirements and obstacles.


We engage in collaboration with your team to identify the optimal strategy for your project, be it a lift-and-shift, re-architecture, or partial modernization. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and selected cloud strategy, we craft a customized cloud solution leveraging the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.



We execute a pilot project or Proof of Concept (POC) to validate the design, assess the performance of the cloud solution, and confirm alignment with your organization's requirements. This phase enables us to pinpoint and address any bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, or inefficiencies, ensuring optimization prior to progressing to full-scale deployment.

Step 3: Repeat at Scale

After successfully implementing and optimizing the pilot project, we expand the process to encompass your remaining applications, data, and systems. Adhering to Agile principles, we ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud, continuously refining and enhancing the solution to align with your evolving requirements.

Step 4: Optimize

Our dedication to your success extends beyond the initial implementation phase. Following the comprehensive setup, collaborate with our Managed Services team to continuously monitor, manage, and enhance your cloud environment. We take a proactive approach in addressing performance, security, and reliability concerns, ensuring the ongoing resilience, efficiency, and alignment of your cloud infrastructure with your business goals.

The Unical Systems Advantage

Simplified Methodology of Engagement for Tailored Cloud Solutions

Tailored cloud solutions

Utilising a tried-and-true engagement method, Unical Systems offers unique cloud solutions that are safe, efficient, and compliant with a range of customer needs and business plans. Regardless of your preferred method, our team of cloud specialists is dedicated to collaborating closely with you throughout the entire process, guaranteeing the success of your cloud trip.

Get in touch with us right now to find out how our flexible and cooperative methodology may help your company achieve success in the AWS cloud.

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