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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Connect and empower every employee, from the office to the frontline worker, with a Microsoft 365 solution that enhances productivity and drives innovation. With Microsoft 365 Office apps and productivity tools like Teams, advanced analytics, cloud storage, professional business email, and security features – you can streamline operations and get more done in less time.

Your Complete WhatsApp Marketing Platform

WhatsApp Business Solutions

Looking to increase sales and reach a wider audience? Look no further than WhatsApp catalogs! Our feature-packed platform allows you to easily advertise your products and services to many people at once. With automated messages and multi-agent live chat, you'll have the tools you need to provide top-notch customer support and engage with your clients in real-time. Plus, with built-in chatbots available for round-the-clock assistance, you can rest assured that your customers will always receive the help they need, when they need it. So why wait? Learn More and start leveraging the power of WhatsApp catalogs to grow your business!


Data Visualization Software​ (DVS)

Data visualization software is designed to facilitate the analysis of data collected offline, typically after conducting test runs within integrated setups. It enables the processing of software data and the consolidation of flight data obtained from ground telemetry stations. The primary goal of this software is to streamline the analysis process by providing a graphical user interface (GUI) for visualization and event summarization, eliminating the need for manual coding.


Work Issue Management Systems (WIMS)

WIMS is a software solution designed to facilitate seamless communication between State Departments and Central Ministries. The Office of Resident Commissioner has designated Liaison Officers at Bhavan to oversee coordination between the state and central governments and provide assistance to state departments in resolving outstanding issues.

Advocate dairy

Advocate Diary

A cost-effective and easy-to-use SaaS-based web application hosted in a secure Amazon AWS environment. This comes in handy for every advocate right from a budding solo lawyer who deals with everything by himself or herself to a group of senior lawyers who deal with staggered multiple cases. This web-based solution is linearly scaling up every quarter to serve more and to give more to our clients. You can visit the specialized Advocate Diary website to know more.

Cool Audit

iAssure – An Enterprise Audit System

In this compliance-conscious world, an organization must manage multiple audit requirements – customer-driven audits, internal quality department-driven audits, certification agencies-driven audits, and compliance and regulatory audits. This iAssure solution ensures customized check-list driven audits for each of these with an “independent”, yet “well-connected” approach. Our subscription plans start at $10 per month. Visit our product website to know more and to choose the plan that suits you best.
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MOSS – Microfinance’ ERP

This easily configurable, cloud-hosted solution is ideal for lending organizations of any size. The key features of this product are – loan product management (geographical/demographics-based customization); scalable AP/AR ledger management (branch/RO/HO level); integrated KYC, credit history, e-Repository management; and full-lifecycle of loan management (application, sanction, disbursement, payments, dunning, and more). Visit our exclusive MOSS webpage to know more about this simple, secure, and scalable ERP for loan management.

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