Work Issue Management Systems (WIMS)

WIMS facilitates seamless communication between State Departments and Central Ministries, enabling the exchange of information.

What is WIMS?

WIMS is a software solution designed to facilitate seamless communication between State Departments and Central Ministries. The Office of Resident Commissioner has designated Liaison Officers at Bhavan to oversee coordination between the state and central governments and provide assistance to state departments in resolving outstanding issues.

Who can use it?

  • All the State Departments of respective states and Union Territories.
  • All the bhavans who situated in New Delhi represent their respective states.
  • All the Union Territories Departments’
  • This is a customizable solution that can be modified/changed as per the respective State’s interest.

    WIMS Product Details

  • WIMS allows you to create and manage issues to track State Govt. Department(s) inquiries, issues, and requests.
  • Issues can be assigned to specific Liaison Officers / support LOs or teams for resolution.
  • You can integrate your email with WIMS, enabling you to convert State Govt. Department(s) emails into support issues automatically.
  • All email communication related to a issues is logged within the system.
  • WIMS provides a knowledge base where you can create and store articles, FAQs, and other resources to help State Govt. Department(s) find answers to common questions.

  • State Govt. Department(s) can access a self-service portal to submit and track their support requests or Issues.
  • They can also search the knowledge base for solutions before creating a new Issue.
  • Generate reports and dashboards to gain insights into Los performance, Issues trends, and State Govt. Department(s) satisfaction.
  • Use analytics to identify areas for improvement in your support processes.
  • Issued Submitted by Department(s)
  • No. of pending Issues against each LO
  • Keep State Govt. Department(s) informed about Issue status changes with automated email notifications.
  • LOs can communicate with State Govt. Department(s) within the WIMS Issue System.
  • WIMS Can be integrated with any of the state or central minsteries existing application to automate data through the APIs
  • Los can access a complete history of interactions with each State Govt. Department(s), including previous Issues, emails, and notes.
  • Access the WIMS features on mobile devices, enabling LOs to respond to Issues while on the go.
  • High level Features

    Customizable Dashboard with automated workflows

    Issues Tracker with status

    Separate Logins to LOs & HoDs

    Easy to generate & download reports

    User Role Management

    Uploading documents such as PDFs, JPEGs

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